Product Reviews

Do you want to know about new Diabetes products from a fellow PWD? Or maybe a book that has come out and you want to get a review from someone living with t1/tcomplicated diabetes? This is the page for you! I will be reviewing different products throughout the year, and those posts will be moved to this page, rather than placed on the main blog. Ill just put a note on the main blog when a new post has been filed under Product Reviews and you can come check it out! I am reviewing all sorts of things from blood glucose meters, to foot care products, to cookbooks, to vitamins and supplements and more! Expect reviews of books, Q&As with authors, fitness website reviews, and more! If there is something that you would like me to review, send me an email! [email protected]

I look forward to writing about different nutritional methods, different meters, and different products, so that we can all have a healthy year!


Aliza Chana